Sildar Hallwinter

Honorable warrior and Gundren Rockseeker's bodyguard


Sildar Hallwinter is a kindhearted human male of nearly fifty years. He is brave, chivalrous, and knows his way around a battle field. He is an agent of the Lords’ Alliance, a group of allied political powers concerned with mutual security and prosperity. As a member he ensures the safety of cities and other settlements by proactively eliminating threats by any means, while bringing honor and glory to their leaders and homelands.


Sildar met Gundren in Neverwinter and agreed to accompany him back to Phandalin and wants to investigate the fate of Iarno Albrek, a human wizard and fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance who disappeared shortly after arriving in Phandalin. Ambushed by a dozen goblins led by a bugbear named Klarg, Sildar along with Gundren were captured and brought to Cragmaw cave. It was sometime between the beatings and his rescue that Gundren was transferred to Cragmaw Castle.

Sildar Hallwinter

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