The Lost Mines of Phandelver

What happened?
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The Story thus Far
Our adventuring party was called upon by one Gundren Rockseeker to escort a wagon load of supplies to the town of Phandalin. The party consisting of Tenzin the monk, Rasputia the wizard, Ti-Mothi the paladin, Rongor the fighter, and Harambe the rogue quickly departed from the city of Neverwinter to the small settlement of Phandalin. Along the road to their destination the group encountered two dead horses blocking the road. Investigating the wreckage our adventurers learned that these were indeed Gundren and Sildar’s horses, Sildar being Gundren’s human bodyguard, and were subsequently ambushed by goblins. After a brief scuffle, with a couple close calls for our party, most of the goblins were slain with one retreating back to its cave. After a short rest to recuperate, our adventurers quickly set into the woods to find out where the goblins came from.
With Harambe the rouge taking the lead our adventures were able to quickly find the goblin cave. Fighting through the cave, and losing Rasputia in the process, our adventurers were finally able to fell Klarg, the bugbear commanding the little monsters. With Rongor watching the entrance to Klarg’s chamber and the rest of the party quietly tending to their wounds our adventurers were able to clear out the rest of the cave of its residents and save Sildar Hallwinter in the process.
Tired from travel and combat, after clearing out the goblin cave our adventurers took refuge in one of the larger rooms. They were awakened by TiMothy, warning the group of additional goblins coming from the entrance. After a brief scuffle with the aid of the refreshed Sildar, it was only after tying up the last goblin our group noticed the two captives the goblins had. Hoping to avoid any more of the beasts the group of adventurers took the stolen goods from Klarg’s room and set off to Phandalin, with the newly named Buhay and Dan in tow.
Once reaching town, Sildar recommended the Stonehill inn where he parted ways for the time being and our adventurers could take care of their own business. While some were resting, our resident Goliath barbarian, Rongor, took it upon himself to find a weapons trader. While securing a deal he found out the owner of the previously stolen goods, Linene Graywind. Returning to his allies Rongor and co. delivered both the stolen goods to Miss Graywind and the provisions they were originally hired for to Barthen’s Provisions. Grateful for the assistance Linene cut Rongor a deal on his purchase and promised to help the adventurers with what she could.
While this was happening Tenzin the monk and Ranger Dan were gathering info at the Stonehill inn where they learned of Sister Garaele, worshipper to Tymora the goddess of luck and fortune, returning to town “wounded and exhausted.” Looking for more adventure our group sought out Sister Garaele hoping to offer aid. To most of the party the sister told asked them to rid the town of the Redband Ruffians, I fucked up here she also does this shit while asking Buhay and TiMothy if they would possibly seek out a banshee named Agatha and persuade the creature to tell what she knows about the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. Sister Garaele believes that a character who flatters Agatha’s vanity might be able to trade the comb for an answer. She offers the two three potions of healing for their efforts.
Heading to the town hall for possibly more information our group of adventurers also picked up a request to clear out some orcs harassing the town along the Triboar Trail. Confronting the cowardly mayor our adventurers learned that not even the leadership of the town was safe from these Redbrand Ruffians. Leaving the building our group was confronted by seven of the bandits. After a close encounter where Rongor was knocked unconscious, one Redbrand getting away, and another at their mercy is where we left off. “Where’d you come from and who sent you?” -Sildar Hallwinter.


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