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  • Buhay Hanapin

    Not much is known about this human cleric. The party met Buhay along with Ranger Dan in Karg's cave unarmed, restrained, and being escorted by four goblins. Quick to offer aid to his rescuers, Buhay is a welcome member to this band of misfits.

  • Tenzin

    Part of the original group hired by Gundren Rockseeker, Tenzin added an element of balance and serenity to the group. That all changed when he was seemingly possessed and started ripping out goblin tracheae. Using his Kung-fu Tenzin fights those blocking …

  • Harambe

    Harambe was part of the group of adventurers originally hired by Gundren Rockseeker. Like everyone else in the adventuring party he hasn't disclosed his past to his allies. He was hired to provide the group with a little more finesse.

  • Ranger Dan

    Ranger Dan was found along with Buhay at the mercy of a group of goblins. Not much is known about the mysterious stranger other than the fact that they hate goblins and orcs. In fact, the party is still unsure of the gender of the frankly ambiguous …

  • Rongor

    Rongor is a Goliath. Big, strong, and mean looking. It's no wonder that he was approached by Gundren to help escort the supplies. Not much is known about the big fighter other than he has military experience and that he enjoys a game of Settlers of Catan …

  • Ti-Mothi

    Ti-Mothi was picked up by Gundren to offer support to the party, be it through his divine magic or his shield. Like the others he hasn't disclosed much about his past but he has found common ground with Buhay with religion.

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