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Welcome to the wiki!

This is the wiki Main Page. It will serve as a starting point for the wiki. From here you can learn about shit I put up here. I seriously don’t really know what I’ll put up here but we’ll learn as we go.
I guess a little information should be first? So, to the left (if things are working correctly) you should see various tabs. Since this isn’t a premium account or anything we have access to the bare-bones of this site, which is fine for us. The following is a general overview of what the tabs offer:

Front Page – This tab will lead you right back to the beginning. For now the front just has a small introduction that I put up explaining this little shenanigan we have going on. That and the rules I’ve established for our table will probably always be up on the front page. However, in the future (if we continue playing) I’ll put up any important updates regarding the campaign on the front page. This will include things like; Story updates (this will probably be a synopsis of what I’ll update the adventure log with or maybe a link to the adventure log… Who knows?) Character updates including both Non-player characters with vital information and player character changes ex. levels, stat/alignment changes, ect., and let’s see what else… Oh yea! Maps! I’m planning on uploading maps to regions the party has uncovered, maybe old dungeons that have been cleared, and other stuff maybe…

Adventure Log – The Adventure Log tab will bring you to the adventure log, go figure. Here you will be able to read the entire story from the beginning (or maybe just the last session, I haven’t decided yet). Use this page to refresh yourself on key info about the campaign or read up on what you may have missed if you happen to be absent when we play.

Characters – This tab will lead you to the characters’ page. These will let you refresh yourselves on what you know about various NPCs or view information about your fellow party members.

Player Characters
Buhay Hanapin – Not much is known about this cleric’s past but he seems like a trustworthy ally to our group of adventurers. Buhay is played by our friendly neighborhood Thai guy, Teddy!
Harambe – The party’s half-elf rouge. Harambe keeps his past to himself but also keeps his allies out of spike pits so the group hasn’t voiced any complaints yet. Harambe is played by our buddy Willz the company computer guy!
Ranger Dan – Found along with Buhay in Karg’s cave, Ranger Dan has repaid their debt with their prowess in battle. Like most of the group, Ranger Dan hasn’t told the party their past so they remain a mystery. Ranger Dan is played by a relatively new member of our group, Megan!
Rongor – A goliath fighter that will always be found on the front lines of any battlefield, Rongor was an obvious hire by Gundren Rockseeker. Rongor the goliath is played by our group’s future medic during the zombie apocalypse, Ronnie!
Tenzin – Tenzin was rather quiet compared to his fellow adventurers when hired by Gundren. This led the group to believing that he was a rather stoic and pious monk that would offer a sense of serenity to the party along the way to Phandalin. He blew that shit out the window when he ripped out several goblin tracheae. Tenzin is played by future CEO of Medtronic, James! I’m keeping an eye on you still…
Ti-Mothi – Offering support to the party with both his shield or divine powers, Ti-Mothi the black dragonborne was a welcome addition to the party. Adding a little color to our group lol Ti-Mothi is played by our friend – Edward “Monetary” Gaines!

Non-player Characters
Gundren Rockseeker – In a way, the reason this entire adventure started. Gundren hired the original party to escort supplies to Barthen’s Provisions, which in typical RPG format led to adventure.
Sildar Hallwinter – Sildar, along with Gundren, was captured by a group of goblins led by a bugbear named Klarg. Rescued by the party, Sildar hopes to repay them but his own duties must come first.
Elmar Barthen – Elmar Barthen, owner and proprietor of Barthen’s Provisions, is the man that owns that supplies that the party was delivering. He believes that his business with the party is done and over with.
Toblen Stonehill – Toblen Stonehill is the owner of the Stonehill inn in Phandalin. Worried for his family and town, Toblen hopes that someone will take care of the Redbrand Ruffians that are harassing the town.
Linene Graywind – Master of the Lionshield Coster Phandalin post, Linene Graywind is a sharp tongued shopkeeper that views the party in a kind light when Rongor and co. delivered her stolen goods. She swore to help the party with what she could and hopes that they will take care of the Redbrands.

Maps – This tab will hold any information that you guys have uncovered regarding the various locales that you will visit in this campaign. From old dungeons your party has dived into to specific buildings and towns that you visit, this tab will hold the map of that area – In the future of course, for now that shit is empty. I’ll get around to it sometime.

Settings – You should know what settings are… I don’t think there’s much for you guys to do in that tab because there’s only a couple things I see there as DM. But if you wanna change things about your account? You can do that in this tab!

Main Page

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