Welcome to our group’s little DnD thing! Made by your DM, me AP!

You guys know me and I’m sure I gave some insight of what you should find here. You all know I’m by no means an expert at any of this but I do what I can, so screw off.

This is the front page of our campaign and what you all will see when you first check out this thing. I will try and update this with everything that has happened so far with our story. I don’t know how it will look for everyone but there should be tabs on the sides that provide links to various pages of information regarding the campaign. As our story progresses I, as the DM, will try and keep things regularly updated. I’ll be putting up characters you guys encountered, maps of things you all have uncovered, updates of the last session, and who knows what else in the future.

Also I shouldn’t have to tell this to anyone in our group, being as everyone here should have some basic understanding of computers n stuff. But this site is a third-party free tool to use for DnD n stuff, so there is always the risk of ads or worse. Just don’t be stupid and you’ll be fine.



Table Talk
1) Who is talking? Make it clear it’s either you or your character talking. Unless you’re talking in some kooky voice you have for your character or you specifically state, “My character says…” then I’ll assume you’re just discussing with your party out of game.
2) Try not to meta game. If YOU know something your character DOESN’T know, then try not to exploit that knowledge. Say for instance; your character enters a room with a suspicious black mist. In real life, you know that this mist is actually the vampire your party has been hunting. Your character on the other hand has no idea of what this is so they would be wary of it but they wouldn’t, let’s say burn their strongest holy/light spell to destroy the vampire. Unless you can easily justify your characters actions then try not to do stuff like that.
3) Try not to redact actions. I’m a shitty DM running (at the moment) six players, something even experienced DM’s have problems with. If I let every player redact an action every turn nothing will get done and no one will have fun, that’s the last thing I want. REMEMBER RULE ONE

Dice Rolls
1) Honor code for players. We all know each other and I’m fairly certain I know everyone playing. I’m trusting you all to be honorable with your rolls, I can’t be looking over everyone’s shoulder to make sure they aren’t cheating, especially with six players. As for me; I’m the DM. My job is to be impartial and run the game/world as smoothly as possible. My goal is not death of the adventuring party. I’m both god of the game and referee so unless I’m HELPING the party because I fucked up, then my rolls will be honorable and unbiased.
2) The die/dice must be flat on the table! No leaning on shit and if it leans for a second and flattens out just re-roll it. It has to land ON the table, no Jumanji rolls.
3) It has to be intentional. If you’re shaking up the dice in your hand and accidentally drop one, re-roll it

Rules in Play
1) My word is final. If things are weird I’ll look up specific rules but I can’t hold up the game for too long.
2) Obscure rules will be house ruled until further research is done. If a rule is a little too obscure or takes too long to debate or look up, we’ll house rule it then I will make a note to look it up later.

Role Playing
1) I encourage it! I know none of us are theater or English majors but throw in a kooky voice for your character and I think we’ll all have a fun time. Of course the last thing I want is for anyone to feel uncomfortable so I’m in no way forcing you to role play and no one else will judge you harshly if you do. We’re all friends here so do what’s comfortable for you and I’m sure we’ll all have a fun time. Remember rule one!
2) Play your characters! While throwing in cool voices is fun this one is important. There’s a reason I know everyone’s back story and alignment. If your lawful neutral monk goes around tearing out tracheae of non-combatants then I’m forced to ding you on experience. This just goes to say, play your characters! Try and get into your character’s head, what would they do, how would they act? If you act in a way that isn’t exactly efficient but we can all agree is what that character would do I can even reward you in game for it!

Of course this rules section will expand as we (hopefully) continue our DnD careers but remember THE FIRST AND LAST RULE OF DND IS TO HAVE FUN

The Lost Mines of Phandelver

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